Child-friendly neighbourhoods

Links to Useful Materials & Websites

The following materials can be used by residents, parents and other organisations to improve their local neighbourhoods in a child-friendly way.

This nonprofit organization describes a wide range of activities designed to engage children up to the age of eight in play, stimulation and early learning opportunities, including puzzles, games and storyboard books, as well as a Trainer’s Guide.

Playing Out is a Community Interest Company (CIC) which provides a very useful step-by-step manual on how to organise play sessions on the street, including tips on planning, and who to get support and permission from.

This EU Intelligent Energy project provides a detailed guide and toolkit for the creation of both home zones and playing streets, including further illustrative examples from European cities.

This document includes the philosophy of ‘universal design’ (so that products, services and the environment can be used by all people), which is applied particularly to the design of playgrounds and other play spaces, to improve accessibility and inclusion.

This document provides a detailed guide for creating successful play spaces.

The EU Eurocities network provides a very useful Handbook for Local Campaigners to develop different types of sustainable mobility schemes.

North West Leicestershire Country in the UK provide a useful resource pack for the effective involvement of children and young people.

The FLOW Horizon 2020 project’s case studies measures that are supportive of walking and cycling, including more details on school streets, and further examples of sustainable travel/car reduction schemes.